1. Name
The name of the society shall be the St Andrews University Christian Union

2. Object
2.1 The object of the Christian Union shall be to unite Christian students regardless of denomination or church affiliation in their common profession of faith and together to bear witness to this common faith to other members of the University.
2.2 The common faith of the Christian Union is defined by the following basic truths of Christianity as revealed in Holy Scripture:

(a) There is one God in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

(b) God is sovereign in creation, revelation, redemption and final judgement.

(c) The Bible, as originally given, is the inspired and infallible Word of God. It is the supreme authority in all matters of belief and behaviour.

(d) Since the fall, the whole of humankind is sinful and guilty, so that everyone is subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.

(e) The Lord Jesus Christ, God’s incarnate Son, is fully God; he was born of a virgin; his humanity is real and sinless; he died on the cross, was raised bodily from death and is now reigning over heaven and earth.

(f) Sinful human beings are redeemed from the guilt, penalty and power of sin only through the sacrificial death once and for all time of their representative and substitute, Jesus Christ, the only mediator between them and God.

(g) Those who believe in Christ are pardoned all their sins and accepted in God’s sight only because of the righteousness of Christ credited to them; this justification is God’s act of undeserved mercy, received solely by trust in him and not by their own efforts.

(h) The Holy Spirit alone makes the work of Christ effective to individual sinners, enabling them to turn to God from their sin and to trust in Jesus Christ.

(i) The Holy Spirit lives in all those he has regenerated. He makes them increasingly Christlike in character and behaviour and gives them power for their witness in the world.

(j) The one holy universal church is the Body of Christ, to which all true believers belong.

(k) The Lord Jesus Christ will return in person, to judge everyone, to execute God’s just condemnation on those who have not repented and to receive the redeemed to eternal glory.

3. Membership
3.1 All activities of the Christian Union shall be open to non-member students.
3.2 Membership of the Christian Union shall be open to all students of the University of St Andrews who, in good conscience, are willing to be united in the common profession of faith and witness of the Christian Union.
3.3 Applications shall be made in writing by signing a form which shall state the object of the Union as set out in clause 2 . It will be assumed that all students wishing to join the Christian Union are in sympathy with its object.
3.4 Membership carries with it the right to vote at General Meetings, the right to propose motions for debate, the right to stand for positions of leadership on the Executive Committee, and the right to nominate others for those positions.

4. Executive Committee
4.1 There shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and such other offices as the General Meeting shall from time to time resolve. No person shall hold more than one of the four named offices above at any one time.
4.2 The Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
4.3 Candidates for Executive Committee positions shall be nominated by at least two other members of the Christian Union. A member may be nominated for more than one office. The nominators shall provide in respect of each candidate a statement in support of their nomination to be circulated with the notice for the General Meeting at which the election is to take place. Each candidate must declare in writing their assent to the common faith of the Christian Union, as defined in clause 2 above and their willingness to serve as an office-holder. For the avoidance of doubt, an Executive Committee as a whole may nominate and support candidates.
4.4 In the case of each office, the person elected shall be the candidate receiving the most votes cast in respect of that office at the Annual General meeting. If a successful candidate withdraws during the General Meeting in which they are elected, the candidate receiving the next largest number of votes case in respect of that office shall be deemed elected.
4.5 Members of the Executive Committee shall normally hold office for one year and for no longer than 15 months. They may be re-elected.
4.6 There may be a period of changeover following the Annual General Meeting during which the outgoing Executive committee will assist the newly elected Executive Committee to facilitate continuity within the Christian Union.

5. General Meetings
5.1 An Annual General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary towards the beginning of the Candlemas Semester and no more than 15 months after the previous AGM.
5.2 The AGM shall receive a report on the year’s activities from the President or Vice-President of the outgoing Executive Committee, a report on membership from the Secretary, a financial report from the Treasurer, and such other reports as the Executive Committee consider appropriate.
5.3 The AGM shall elect a new Executive Committee.
5.4 An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary at the request of the Executive Committee, or of the greater of 10% of the members of the Christian Union.
5.5 Motions for formal debate may be proposed at the request of the Executive Committee, or of the greater of 5% of the members of the Christian Union.
5.5 Two weeks notice shall be given of all General Meetings, along with the candidates for elections and any motions for debate. All members are entitled to attend, and non-members may attend as non-voting observers.
5.6 A General Meeting is quorate with at least one-third of members present. The General Meeting shall act by simple majority of those members present and voting.
5.7 Notwithstanding paragraph 5.6, amendments to this Constitution must be approved by two-thirds majority of those members present at a General Meeting, which majority shall represent at least 50% of the current membership.

6. Activities
6.1 All activities formally presented as Christian Union events, or associated with the Christian Union as a society, shall have the approval of the Executive Committee.
6.2 The Christian Union may join with other student societies to engage in common activities as the Executive Committee see fit.
6.3 The Executive Committee may invite such external speakers as it sees fit. External speakers who have been invited on the understanding that they will expound the common faith of the Christian Union should be required to signify their assent to that faith as defined in clause 2.

7. Finances
7.1 The Treasurer shall be responsible for the finances of the Christian Union. They shall keep accurate accounts of all income and expenditure on behalf of the Union.
7.2 All bank accounts held in the name of the Christian Union shall require two signatories, of whom one shall be the Treasurer for the time being.
7.3 The Treasurer shall account to the Annual General Meeting and ensure that any other accounting requirements of the relevant Student Union or Guild are met.

8. Affiliation to Student Union
8.1 The Christian Union shall be affiliated to the University of St Andrews Students’ Association.
8.2 The Christian Union shall abide by all policies and decisions of the Students’ Association that are compatible with this Constitution.
8.3 If the Students’ Association should make continued affiliation of the Christian Union conditional on amendments to this Constitution, such changes shall be formally proposed by the Secretary of the Christian Union at a General Meeting. The notice of the General Meeting shall make clear that a question of affiliation has arisen. Paragraph 5.7 applies.

9. Advisory Committee
9.1 The Christian Union shall maintain an informal Advisory Committee of at least three local people who, if they were registered as students at the University of St Andrews, could be members of the Christian Union Executive Committee.
9.2 Members of the Advisory Committee shall be appointed, or may be removed, by the General Meeting on the nomination of the Executive Committee.
9.3 Members shall normally be appointed for a term of three years, indefinitely renewable.
9.4 If possible, at least one member of the Advisory Committee should be a member of the academic staff of the University of St Andrews.
9.5 The Executive Committee shall consult with the Advisory Committee as it sees fit.

10. Affiliation to the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.
10.1 The Christian Union shall be affiliated to the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.
10.2 Affiliation may be withdrawn by process of constitutional amendment in accordance with paragraph 5.7.
10.3 Changes to Paragraph 2 of the Constitution are tantamount to a withdrawal of affiliation