Here is a short introduction to the committee for 2018/2019! We are here to serve and enable the wider Christian Union in their evangelism by organising prayer meetings, events and team meetings.


SAUCU Committee 18-19 - 3 of 10
Fergus McCullough. President.

Hello! My name is Fergus and I’m a fourth year studying International Relations. I’m the President this year, so along with the VP Sarah I help to run the committee, and ensure that the focus of SAUCU is on spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.


SAUCU Committee 18-19 - 7 of 10
Sarah McClean. Vice President.

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m a third year studying Medicine! I’m the CU Vice President this year and my job is to support and encourage Fergus, the rest of the committee and the entirety of the CU as we seek to share the wonderful news of Jesus Christ to students in St Andrews. (Yay!)


Niamh Shiel. Secretary.

Hello! My name is Niamh, I am a third year studying Theology. As the CU secretary for this year it is my job to liaise with speakers and take minutes at meetings, as well as general administration. This enables the smooth running of the CU as a whole, allowing us to operate as a united body of believers in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ amongst students in St Andrews. There are so many ways to get involved and serve others – if you would like any more information about how to do so, please let me know!


Will Sanders. Treasurer.

I’m Will and I am a third year reading Chemistry. I am the CU treasurer helping to manage the financial affairs of the CU and associated organisations. If you would like to help SAUCU financially please contact me.


Rohan Hepburn. Prayer Secretary.

Hey! I’m Rohan and I’m in third year studying Theology. As prayer secretary this year I hope to encourage the CU to pray for everything we do. This is done through weekly prayer meetings and letters to the community supporters.


Annie McQuoid. Events Coordinator.

My name is Annie and I’m in third year studying Maths! My role as events coordinator means I manage the events the CU puts on in order to share the good news of Jesus in a way that is engaging and relevant to students in St Andrews.


Charles Lawrie. Evangelism secretary.

My name is Charles and I’m a third year reading Economics. As the Evangelism Secretary this year, I am in charge of organising the follow-up courses and meet-ups for those who are seeking to learn more about Christianity. as well as encouraging and guiding the CU in their personal evangelism, in order that people would have a change to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ!


Hannah Elphick. Publicity Secretary.

Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m a third year studying Biblical Studies. As the publicity secretary for the CU this year I have the responsibility for maintaining the website and social media pages as well as publicising events along with a faithful subcommittee. By making the information about events accessible to as many students in St Andrews as possible so that they can have the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ!


Laura Lewis. Hall groups coordinator.

Hey, I’m Laura and I’m in 4th year studying Theology and Biblical Studies. I am the Hall Group Coordinator this year which means I work with the Hall Group Leaders and students in halls, encouraging and equipping them to share the gospel with those they live with, through the way they live and the events we hold in hall. Half of the students in St Andrews live in halls so this is an amazing mission field and an important way for the CU to give every student in halls the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.


Joanna Moreland. International coordinator.

Hello! I’m Joanna and I am a third year studying computer science. As International Coordinator I get to welcome students who have come to St Andrews from far away and offer them a comfortable environment away from home as well as the opportunity to explore Christianity!