Here is a wee introduction to the 2021/22 committee! We are here to serve and enable the wider Christian Union in their evangelism by organising prayer meetings, events and team meetings.  We love God, and we love sharing our love for Him!

Catherine Torrens – President

Hiya, my name is Catherine, and I’m a fourth year Geography and Theology student (it’s a weird combo, I know!).  I work together with Rory to help lead and serve the committee, helping us keep a focus on our vision of making sure that every student in the library, or who is getting sweet deals in Aldi (and every other student on and off campus) has the opportunity to hear and respond to the incredible news of Jesus Christ!  Alongside the committee, I help run the whole CU team, so that we can all pursue this pretty exciting time, so if you have any questions or fancy a chat please get in touch via  

Favourite song to have a bop to: it may sound weird, but if I ever wake up feeling unmotivated, I stick on Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5”, and have a bop whilst I make breakfast, and I feel like I’m ready for ANYTHING.  Trust me, it works.  

New lockdown hobby: I learned how to make that weird whistly noise with grass, and it’s maybe my greatest achievement.  

Rory McNeight- Vice President

Hello!  I’m Rory, a third year Film and IR student – if you want to talk about the politics of films, there are probably better people to talk to, but I’ll give it my best shot!  I think Catherine did a pretty class job of summing up our role, but incase you missed it, the aim is to help the committee in their respective roles, and liaise with external organisations to facilitate SAUCU’s evangelism.

Favourite song to have a bop to: ‘Seventeen’, by Sharon Van Etten.

New lockdown hobby: I got very into climbing up trees, reading, then getting dead legs, and having difficulty getting down.  Safety first, folks.

Jessica Davies – Secretary

Hi!!  I’m Jessica, I’m a third year Geography student, from Aberdeen!!  I love going for walks around St Andrews with friends and seeing the sunset over West Sands.  Would highly recommend!! Being secretary involves a lot of admin-y stuff, like sending emails, and organising speakers for the weekly Equip meetings.

Favourite song to have a bop to: ‘Walking on Sunshine’, by Katrina and the Waves.

New lockdown hobby: baking xx.

Daniel Laing- Treasurer

Hi! I’m Daniel, and I come from Aberdeen.  I’m in my third year studying Maths.  I enjoy baking bread, and going on holiday.

Favourite song to have a bop to: the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

New lockdown hobby: I taught myself how to touch type, and I got a cool looking scar on my arm.

Ruby Dunn – Prayer Secretary

Hey!  I’m Ruby, a third year history student, from way down south in the Midlands (Nottingham).  I’m serving as Prayer Secretary for CU this year, which means I think (and pray!) about how to get people in SAUCU, and further afield, praying for students in St Andrews to meet Jesus.  I organise the weekly prayer meetings, send out prayer points and keep in touch with our alumni and supporters about what we’re up to, so that they can be praying for students in St Andrews alongside us.  Outside of studying and CU, I attend the Baptist Church, enjoying walking with friends and am always keen for tea!

Favourite Song to have a bop to: ‘Trying’, by Maisie Peters/ ‘How Great Thou Art’.

New Lockdown hobby: I took up playing the ocarina – very badly! :))

Capri Mancini – Events Coordinator

Hi!  My name is Capri, and I’m a third year from the United States, studying International’s Relations and Social Anthropology.  I have the pleasure of working alongside a fabulous committee this year, and the joy of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in St Andrews!  I’m the Events Coordinator for the CU this year, and that means that I coordinate, organise, and plan CU events – you’ll find me at Freshers’ events, lunch bars, ceilidhs, our Carol Service, Missions Week, and Starlight Ball, working with a fantastic team and sharing food and discussion about Christianity, and more!  I love to run (I’m on the university’s cross country and triathlon teams) so you can often find me running (or cycling) through the streets of St Andrews.  My favourite place in St Andrews is Scoonie Hill – phenomenal view of the town (and a fun run!).

Favourite song to have a bop to: ‘You make my dreams (come true)’, by Daryl Hall and John Oates.

New lockdown hobby: I got really good at pressing and cooking tofu.

Jo Bailey – Evangelism Secretary

Hi, I’m Jo!  I am a fourth year studying Psychology and Theology.  I am an avid followed of Formula One and watcher of TV dramas, English and Turkish.  If you ever want to chat either of these things or the correct brand of biscuit to buy, please get in touch!  My official role title is Evangelism Secretary.  This means: I’m in charge of following up from events which means helping people to continue to think about God after events have ended!  This can look like our Explore groups, or just pairing people up to read the Bible or drink coffee together!  Our Explore groups follow a plan looking at the claims of Christianity with a mix of our members and other students who want to find out more.  I also have the wonderful job of keeping the members of CU excited and equipped for evangelism!  This can look like training videos or just sharing stories of how we have seen God working.  If you have any questions about how to get involved with sharing Jesus, or what Christianity is, please do get in touch!

Favourite song to have a bop to: this is very hard and constantly changing…currently a big fan of ‘Monster’ by Shawn Mendes and Justin Briber, or ‘Dreamers’, by Rizzle Kicks.

New lockdown hobby: I am learning Turkish so I can better understand their TV shows.

Alice Macduff-Duncan  – Publicity Secretary

Hey!! I’m Alice, and I’m a third year, studying Philosophy, from Aberdeenshire!  I love going for random walks, or runs around St Andrews, both providing excellent forms of procrastination.  I also love windsurfing, and finding the next best thing to binge on Netflix.  I get the exciting job of keeping the students of St Andrews up to date with what’s happening in the CU.  Whether that be advertising for some of our major events, such as Freshers’ Week and Missions Week (I can’t believe I miss flyering in the rain!), or even posting weekly reminders for our main CU meetings.  Anything super bright and cringy, likelihood is, I put it up ;).

Favourite song to have a bop to: ‘Nothin’ on You’, by B.o.B and Bruno Mars.

New lockdown hobby:  I embraced my inner Grandmother vibes, and took up embroidery (it’s so relaxing whilst listening to music!) xx.

Samuel Hignett – Hall Group Coordinator

I’m Samuel and I’m the Hall Group Coordinator.  The Christian Union wants every student in St Andrews to hear and respond to the Good News.  A way to achieve this is in halls of residence, where nearly every St Andrews student will live during their studies.  Hall Groups are groups of Christian students who live in the same halls.  The groups read the Bible together weekly, and work together to spread the Good News within their hall of residence, whether through conversations or events.  My job is to train and support Hall Group leaders and organise activities for all the groups to get involved with.

Favourite song to have a bop to: Ravel’s Pavane for the Dead Princess.

New lockdown hobby:  The Joe Wicks workout.

Rachel Viney – International Café Coordinator

Hi I’m Rachel and I’m in my fourth year studying Geography.  I grew up in the Netherlands before moving to England when I was 10.  I’m the International Coordinator for the CU, which means that I run International Cafe, a community of International students who like food.  Anyone is welcome to join – get ready for potlucks and movie nights learning about haggis (optional, don’t worry) and different cultures.

Favourite song to have a bop to: the Dutch National Anthem (I’m very patriotic)

New lockdown hobby: if lockdown 3 were to happen, I’ve decided that my new lockdown thing will be making homemade paper.

Robyn Taylor – Worship Coordinator

Hey!  I’m Robyn! I love wearing shorts, eating melon, and camping in the Highlands.  On a warm day, you might find me at the beach, with some hummus, and a speaker full of country.  I’m this year’s worship coordinator on committee.  Praising God is such a key part of our journey with Him, through different means of worship we can encounter, reflect on, and thank God.  I’ll be organising and joining in with the ways in which the CU can praise God this year – including the cracking singing at meetings!   I’m so looking forward to seeing what’s in store, it’s gonna be Tim McGreat!