Here is a short introduction to the committee for 2020/2021! We are here to serve and enable the wider Christian Union in their evangelism by organising prayer meetings, events and team meetings.

Rachel Henry – President

Hiya! I’m Rachel!
I’m a second year Modern History and Theology student and I’m President of CU this year!
Role: to support and lead the committee alongside Hunter, to help achieve our vision of giving every student in St Andrews the chance to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus! (woohoo!) Also, I’m part of representing CU, working alongside other parts of the university, churches and other organisations.
Where will you find me in St Andrews: spending all of my money on coffee in Northpoint, chatting when I really should be in the lib!
Favourite Toastie Bar combo: Chocolate and Oreo (flawless)
What I love about CU: To me, the hope of Jesus is the best news ever, and I love getting to meet so many people at uni and chat with them about the big questions in life.

Hunter Boydell – Vice President

Name: Hunter Boydell

I’m a third year Medieval History student, and I’m the Vice President of CU for this year!

Role: Alongside our President, Rachel, I help support and lead the committee and the wider CU, on our mission to give every student in St Andrews the chance to hear and respond to the Gospel and enter into a relationship with Jesus! Rachel and I engage with other groups and societies at the university and beyond and help to represent the CU out in the world.

Other things I do: You’ll frequently find me somewhere near a camera making films with my very patient friends. My apparently insatiable need for attention has also seen me take up rapping and start a band, as well as founding an annual cricket tournament and starring in several music videos.

Favourite fielding position: Fourth slip.

Why I’m involved with CU: Jesus is the answer to all my insecurities and the greatest friend I could ever have. I want to take every opportunity I can to introduce others to him, so he can be their friend too! Through the CU, I unite with a whole lot of people who also know Jesus in a shared mission to reach our fellow students – it’s so much easier than doing it alone.

Meggie Hori – Secretary

Hello! My name is Meggie and this year I’m serving as secretary for the CU, alongside studying medicine. My role includes taking minutes, organising speakers and facilitating conversations about what we believe makes life worth living.

You’ll invariably find me eating ice cream, so I’d love to take you to Jannettas, or catch me at

Sarah Denno – Treasurer

Hi! I’m Sarah, a 3rd year medical student. This year I’m helping out CU through the role of treasurer, by managing the CU finances.
If you’d like to support the CU ministry in this way, I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with me at
Where will you find me in St Andrews: in the North Sea!
Favourite Toastie Bar combo: cookie dough and M&Ms is rather divine..
What I love about CU: being part of this weird and wonderful group of students that care so deeply about sharing the good news God’s love and grace with those around them.

Bergen Pentz – Prayer Secretary

hi !! I’m Bergen – the Prayer Secretary for this next year.
I’m a second year from South Africa studying Sustainable Development and Management.
Role: Guiding and supporting the CU in our use of prayer by ensuring it remains rooted in all our efforts. Weekly, this can be seen in our Thursday morning prayer meetings and on a longer-term scale, prayer is supported through the prayer diaries I send out to our supporters and alumni twice a semester and in the summer.
Where you will find me in St Andrews: Although my name isn’t in the lease agreement, I pretty much live in Cammo Lodge with Lily and her flatmate where they so generously allow me to live life alongside them!!
Favourite Toastie Bar combo: I’m a boring one and always stick to cheese and tomato – never disappoints!
What I love about the CU: I’m definitely biased, but the Thursday prayer meetings are my favourite. I love gathering with friends first thing in the morning who share the same vision as me and it’s such a clear reminder of how God uses community to further His kingdom through prayer.
Get in touch:

Lily Kurtyka – Events Coordinator

Hi there! I’m Lily!
I am a second year studying Management, and I am the Events Coordinator for the CU this year.
Role: To manage the planning and organisation of CU events like Freshers’ Week, Lunch Bars, the Christmas Carol Service, Missions Week, and the CU Starlight Ball (all with the wonderful help of my fellow committee members!).
Where you will find me in St Andrews: Everywhere! I love having a varied schedule and each day looks different. Although, I do appreciate relaxing at home and having a catch up with my flatmate over coffee:)
Favourite Toastie Bar combo: Cheese, Pesto, Tomato, and Salsa – essentially a mini pizza.
What I love about CU: It’s amazing getting to connect with people I might not see otherwise and worship and share Jesus together!
Get in touch:

Jo Bailey – Evangelism Secretary

Hello! I’m Jo!
I’m a second year Psychology and Theology student and I’m the Evangelism coordinator for CU this year!
Role: I’m in charge of follow up from events which means helping people to continue to think about God after events have ended! This can look like our Explore course or just pairing people up to read the Bible or drink coffee together! I also have the wonderful job of keeping the members excited and equipped for evangelism!
Where will you find me in St Andrews: watching too many movies or TV shows with friends or just trying to complete work for classes!
Favourite Toastie Bar combo: I think just plain chocolate! (I don’t very often to try out other options please don’t judge me for that!)
What I love about CU: I love being able to help people meet with God for the first time or see them understand why He is so important to others who follow Him! I also love just seeing people so caught up in God that they can’t not tell people about Him.
Get in touch:

Charis Hanna – Publicity Secretary

Hi there, I’m Charis!
I’m going into my final year studying Maths and I am the Publicity Secretary for this year.
Role: Mostly focused on keeping people up to date on what’s happening in CU via social media and publicising the many amazing events that happen during the year.
Where you will find me in St Andrews: When I’m not doing art you will likely find me studying or cooking with friends!
Favourite Toastie Bar combo: My first mars bar toastie was a rather life changing experience (trust me on this one!)
Favourite thing about CU: Being able to meet so many exciting new people while being part of a community that shares the same passion for sharing the gospel to the students of St Andrews.
If you’d like to talk about publicity or just would like a chat feel free to drop me an email at! 

Abigail Arthurson – Hall Group Coordinator

Hi, I’m Abi!
I’m a third year English and Theology student and I’m CU’s Hall Group Coordinator this year.
Role: to support the small groups that meet weekly in the university’s halls of residence, organising bible studies and outreach events. Most students will stay in halls at some point over their time at St Andrews, so it’s such a great opportunity to share the gospel!
Where you will find me in town: Often at Toppings Bookshop (it’s amazing) or in the library
Favourite Toastie Bar combo: chocolate and marshmallow (I have a very sweet tooth)
What I love about CU: it’s a really wonderful group of people who are dedicated to evangelism and always encourage me to share my faith

Catherine Torrens – International Café Coordinator

Hello there! My name’s Catherine and I’m a second year geographer as well as this year’s CU International Outreach Co-ordinator!
Role: International Outreach Co-ordinator is kind of what it says on the tin! I help encourage us all as a CU to be ‘generous in world mission’ (one of our CU values, I’m not just sticking it in quotes for the fun of it). What does this look like, I hear you ask? This looks like building friendships with those who are far away from home, partly through ‘International Café’- a wonderful regular gathering with the warmest hospitality! It’s a space where we can all share in (free) food and each others’ cultures, all while exploring the gospel! I also keep tabs on the things God is doing through CU’s around the world so we can be praying for our our global student Christian family and IFES (the international CU movement)
Where you will find me in St Andrews: Probably drinking tea somewhere and acting as Tourism Northern Ireland’s biggest unofficial rep
Favourite Toastie Bar combo: it doesn’t matter as long as you get one savoury and one sweet for mains and dessert
What I love about CU: I love that we get to share the gospel so freely with people from all around the world, especially those from countries where that is discouraged. I love that God has given us so much opportunity to do global mission on our doorstep in St Andrews and that’s incredible!

Peter Smith – Worship Coordinator

Hey everyone, I’m Peter!
I’m a second year Medical student and I’m the Worship Coordinator this year!
Role: to help everyone at our meetings to fully focus their hearts and minds on God as we seek to worship Him through singing! I also try to help our musicians develop in their skills and talents so that they will be able to help out at their own church’s both now in St Andrews and when they leave to go onto whatever God’s got in store for them.
Where will you find me in St Andrews: I wish I could say somewhere fun and exciting but probably procrastinating on the bottom floor of the library
Favourite Toastie Bar combo: Chocolate, Oreo, Marshmallow, and Cheese. Trust me.
What I love about CU: Getting to share the Gospel to students with all these Christians from so many backgrounds is a crazy, unique and wonderful thing!