What is the Christian Union?

As a CU we are a mission team at university, aiming to share the gospel with our friends and fellow students around us. We do this by meeting together to be encouraged and equipped for sharing the gospel ourselves, as well as putting on events that we can invite others to so that they can hear about the amazing news of Jesus Christ.

Together we exist to give every student in St Andrews the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ. This vision is what unites us as students from across the university and various churches in St Andrews.

Are you new to St Andrews for 2020/21?

If so, may we extend an extra special welcome to you! Check out the link to stay updated with the 2020 freshers group, the CU social media links, a contact form if you’d like to chat to an existing member of CU or visit some of the St Andrews churches Facebook pages:

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