Theology Network

Theology Network is an arm of the CU aimed at Christian students who study Theology as their main degree, but it’s also for those who may take a divinity module on top of their main subject. Part of its purpose is for students to encourage each other in their faith, especially when coming across topics which seem to contradict what they believe. It also provides support for how we can better evangelise to those in St. Mary’s who don’t know Jesus.

The most obvious place where Theology Network is seen is in our Monday prayer meetings at 1.30 in the bunk room at the top. This is a time when we can pray for each other in our struggles, be that coping with work load, or confusion from something a professor or classmate may have said. We also pray for good conversational opportunities with our classmates. Theology Network seeks to support you in your evangelism, and to remind you that the heart knowledge you have is worth sharing in St. Mary’s. It would be great to see you there.