Each year a committee made up of students seek to coordinate SAUCU meetings and events. Take a look below and see the committee for 2017/2018.


Hello! my name is Caelan I’m a 4th year studying Maths. This year I’m the President of SAUCU. On a day to day basis this means I work with Kim in helping the committee do their roles effectively whilst making sure the CU is pursuing its vision of giving every student in St Andrews the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.







Hello! I’m Dave and I’m in my fourth year studying English. As Prayer Secretary I try to make sure the mission of the CU is covered in prayer. The most visible way I do this is our Tuesday and Thursday prayer meetings (7.30 for breakfast, 8 for prayer). I also send prayer updates to our wide community of supporters and, hope to achieve the goal of encouraging a real culture of prayer within the CU.







Hi! My name is Fergus I’m a third year studying International Relations. I’m the CU’s secretary, so I take minutes at meetings, invite speakers and do other general administration. I help to contribute to the smooth running of CU so that we can give every student in town the chance to hear and respond to Christ’s good news!








Hey! I’m Rachel and I’m a fourth year studying English and Spanish. I am so excited to be the international coordinator for SAUCU! Alongside the subcommittee, my job involves running an international café each week and encouraging the CU to get involved in international mission in St Andrews and around the world. With over 127 nationalities represented in our student body, it is a real privilege to get to know different people from various cultures from around the world and encourage interested students to ask questions and get to know Jesus more.






Hello! I’m Frederick and I’m a fourth year studying History. I am fortunate enough to be the Publicity Secretary this year. I facilitate the communication of the CU mission to all students in St Andrews. I lead a sub-committee and together we design and share the publicity materials for CU events. Although we facilitate, publicising the CU and its events is a job for all our members. We aim to make sure everyone in the university has a chance to hear and respond to the Gospel.







Hi! My name is Sarah and I’m a 4th year studying Theology and Biblical Studies. This year I’m the CU’s events coordinator which means I’ll be facilitating the events we put on as a CU as we try to fulfil our mission statement of giving every student in St Andrews the chance to hear and respond to the Gospel. I’ll be working closely with Autumn as we organise one-off events throughout the year as well as planning for Freshers’ Week and our Events’ Week in February. I’m so excited to see how God works in our little town, so why not come join in the fun?






Hello there, I’m Norman. I’m a fourth year Maths student and the CU’s treasurer. I keep track of and look after our finances and budget to ensure that the money we spend can further the vision of the CU effectively. We rely significantly on donations, so if you like to support us please let me know.








Hi! I’m Autumn, a third year Theology major from Florida. I am the CU’s Evangelism Secretary which basically means that I will work with Sarah to plan one-off events and will run the Explore courses following freshers week and missions week. My goal is to encourage and support CU members in their personal evangelism with their friends. If you’re ever struggling to find opportunities to share the gospel with your friends and you need help or want support, please let me know! I want to be able to serve you in any way I can so that together we can share the amazing truth of Christ to whomever God puts in our path!






Hey, my name is Kim and I’m in 4th year studying Neuroscience. I am Vice-President this year, which means I get to work alongside this great bunch of people and the CU as a whole, keeping the vision clear and in-focus, as well as encouraging and supporting the committee and other members of CU in their roles and in sharing Jesus with their friends.







Hey, I’m George and I’m in 4th year studying Astrophysics. I am committed to coordinating the CU groups in halls by building up and encouraging the leaders and students in halls. I am also involved in equipping them to hold events where they can share our common hope in Christ with their halls.








Hi, I’m Alastair, I’m in my third year of studying physics and this year I’m the worship coordinator for the CU. That means that I organise the rota for the tech and worship team, help with arranging tech and music at events and generally try to support the team in anyway I can. If you would like to get involved with worship or tech, then let me know!






Whilst we hold particular positions there is room for everyone to get involved in the CU. We’d absolutely love for you to get stuck in!

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